Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dealing With Some Tough Emotions Surrounding both of my Births

After I gave birth to my second child via VBAC, I was amazed and empowered to help and support other women who wanted to strive for a better birth.  I started a group with my Doula for Women to meet on a monthly bases to support one another.  We share birth stories, fears, etc. 

Shortly after this group started, I decided to go a little farther with my mission to help women.  I decided to become a Doula.  (I'm currently still training.)  During this time is when my own personal births REALLY hit home.  Not only did I need to fully heal from my surgery, but I also needed to heal from my VBAC!  My VBAC was amazing, but during the birth, there were some things that happened that I needed to get past.  My VBAC definitely helped jump start the healing process of my surgery, however, I was never fully healed.  Emotions started surfacing that I couldn't let go of.  That was when I decided to turn to my beloved oils for help.  I have an oil diffusing necklace (a small wooden "bowl" that I put two drops of oil in) that I started wearing religiously during this time.  Every morning, I would add two drops of Young Living's blend Release to the "bowl" and wear it around my neck. 

All day, I would breath in the oils.  I did this for about a month.  During this month, I also worked on myself.  We happened to have a birth circle that allowed us to share our favorite parts of our births.  This helped me tremendously.  I don't think the women of this particular birth circle will ever realize that they were truly part of my healing that night.   

I cannot tell you how much this has helped me.  I feel 100% healed from both of my births.  I have let go of (Released) emotions that I had buried.  When I started to learn about birth, when I started to trust birth, my buried emotions started to surface.  In order to fully release these emotions, I used Release!

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