Thursday, January 23, 2014

Treating RSV with Raven, RC, and Thieves

During the Holiday season both of my children came down with RSV.  They had high fevers and a horrific cough!  I wasn't worried about the fever (peppermint is my best friend when it comes to fevers); I was worried about the cough.  It was bad.  There were times when I almost took them to the doctor to be checked for pneumonia.  I did what I always do (my research) and immediately started putting Young Living's blends Raven, RC, and Thieves on them.

Raven on the bottom of their feet, chest, and back.

RC on the bottom of their feet, chest, and back.

Thieves on the bottom of their feet.
In this particular case, Raven worked the best for them.  After I would apply it, they would immediately stop coughing.
My husband and I came down with the same virus, however, it affects adults a lot differently.  It was like a basic cold for us.  With a slight cough.  No fever.

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