Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dealing With Some Tough Emotions Surrounding both of my Births

After I gave birth to my second child via VBAC, I was amazed and empowered to help and support other women who wanted to strive for a better birth.  I started a group with my Doula for Women to meet on a monthly bases to support one another.  We share birth stories, fears, etc. 

Shortly after this group started, I decided to go a little farther with my mission to help women.  I decided to become a Doula.  (I'm currently still training.)  During this time is when my own personal births REALLY hit home.  Not only did I need to fully heal from my surgery, but I also needed to heal from my VBAC!  My VBAC was amazing, but during the birth, there were some things that happened that I needed to get past.  My VBAC definitely helped jump start the healing process of my surgery, however, I was never fully healed.  Emotions started surfacing that I couldn't let go of.  That was when I decided to turn to my beloved oils for help.  I have an oil diffusing necklace (a small wooden "bowl" that I put two drops of oil in) that I started wearing religiously during this time.  Every morning, I would add two drops of Young Living's blend Release to the "bowl" and wear it around my neck. 

All day, I would breath in the oils.  I did this for about a month.  During this month, I also worked on myself.  We happened to have a birth circle that allowed us to share our favorite parts of our births.  This helped me tremendously.  I don't think the women of this particular birth circle will ever realize that they were truly part of my healing that night.   

I cannot tell you how much this has helped me.  I feel 100% healed from both of my births.  I have let go of (Released) emotions that I had buried.  When I started to learn about birth, when I started to trust birth, my buried emotions started to surface.  In order to fully release these emotions, I used Release!

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Treating RSV with Raven, RC, and Thieves

During the Holiday season both of my children came down with RSV.  They had high fevers and a horrific cough!  I wasn't worried about the fever (peppermint is my best friend when it comes to fevers); I was worried about the cough.  It was bad.  There were times when I almost took them to the doctor to be checked for pneumonia.  I did what I always do (my research) and immediately started putting Young Living's blends Raven, RC, and Thieves on them.

Raven on the bottom of their feet, chest, and back.

RC on the bottom of their feet, chest, and back.

Thieves on the bottom of their feet.
In this particular case, Raven worked the best for them.  After I would apply it, they would immediately stop coughing.
My husband and I came down with the same virus, however, it affects adults a lot differently.  It was like a basic cold for us.  With a slight cough.  No fever.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Emotions Surrounding C Sections

Emotions surrounding C sections:
Many women recover fully physically and emotionally from a caesarean birth, others do not. Little attention has been paid to the psychological impact that a surgical birth may have on women’s emotional well being. Their personal experiences have been at times trivialized, misunderstood, or ignored by the medical community.
The medical industry, as well as the general public, does not put enough emphasis on the fact that a caesarean birth is a very traumatic event to happen physically as well as emotionally to a woman.  A woman is expected to recover from the surgery in 4 days…. 4 DAYS!!!!  Then, they are expected to take care of themselves as well as another person.  Most people focus on the baby, not the mother. 
I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me, “well the most important thing is that the baby is safe” or “the Dr’s know what is best”.  When my husband went to the waiting room to give his parents the news that I was going to have a c section, they said “Whatever gets that baby out safe.”  To this day, these words still haunt me.  To think that even my own family was so carefree about my MAJOR surgery, my physical wellbeing, and my emotional well being.  I do realize that people mean well when they say these things.  However, what they do not realize is that they are doing more harm than good. 

Emotions that one might feel after a c section:
Fear, sadness, devastation, depression, helplessness, failure, jealousy, anger, un-womanly, broken.
Fear, sadness, devastation, failure, and helplessness (for me) were the first emotions that I felt.  I was devastated that I had to have a c section.  I was scared and helpless during the surgery.  I was scared and helpless after the surgery.  I felt like a failure…I felt like I failed myself and my baby.   
After I left the hospital, I felt a bit of depression.  I was unaware of it at the time, but now (2.5 years later) I realize that it was depression.  I had a hard time bonding with my son.  Thankfully, we both took to breastfeeding flawlessly. 
A few months later, my friends were having babies….It was then that I felt anger and jealousy.  I’d like to stress that I do not feel bad for having these feelings, now that I realize that they are normal feelings / common feelings.  At the time, I thought that I was a terrible and crazy person for feeling this way.  I WAS NOT happy for my friends when they had normal births.  I was jealous that I wasn’t able to have a normal birth…..Their bodies worked, mine didn’t…..  I had to deal with these feelings on my own.  I was scared and embarrassed to tell anyone.  Since then, I was able to have a vbac.  This is what has healed me.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever told anyone that I had felt this way, and it is very freeing.   
It was at this same time (a few months after the birth) that I also felt “un-womanly” and broken.  I felt like my body didn’t work right.  I didn’t dilate like a “normal” woman (i.e. 1 cm an hour).  I felt like I was not a woman…..meaning, I couldn’t “birth” a baby.
Having feelings of self-doubt and maternal inadequacy is a very tough way to begin life as a new mother.  However, for many women who have had emergency c sections, the experience of birthing their child is just that.  Many women have said that recovering emotionally from an emergency c section is often more “gut-wrenching” and agonizing than dealing with the physical pain caused by having your belly sliced open. 
I am so very very grateful for this Birth Circle that we have started.  I do not want anyone to have to feel the emotions that I felt “by myself”.  If I/we can help one woman overcome these emotions, then the purpose of this group is fulfilled.  Please remember that it is very normal to feel these things.  We are here to help you get through these tough emotions.       

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I'm still here!

I'm still here!  Absent for a while, but still here!  We had a pretty rough beginning-of-the-flu season.  I wasn't focusing as much on the oils....and you guessed it....lots of sicknesses passed through our house.  R and L go to daycare as well, so that may have something to do with it, but WOW was this a rough one!
We had whooping cough, Strep, and the flu (ugh).  In between those three big ones were a few colds.  This past Fall was pretty bad.


I started applying Thieves and RC on the bottom of their feet with EVERY diaper change.  I had the babysitter do it as well.  They haven't been sick since February (to the average Joe, this may not seem like a very long time to be well, but for our family after this past Fall, this feels like an eternity!!!).

From now on, I will be putting the immune boosting oils on the bottom of their feet every day during the flu season, and as needed during the rest of the year.  I do not have the energy to go through another season like the one we just had.  

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cough gone with Peppermint and Thyme!!!

I was away for 3.5 days with my daughter.  We had to attend my Grandmother's funeral 10 hours away in Pittsburgh, PA.  :(  

I returned home to find my son coughing.  My husband then had to leave for a 3 day snowboarding trip with the guys, so I was left home with a 4 month old and a sick 2 year old.     

The cough wasn't so bad at first, but it started to get worse and worse.  I was putting Thieves and RC on the bottom of his feet to help him fight off the cough. 

It was working but not as fast as I had liked.  He woke up in the middle of the night to come into bed with me since he wasn't feeling well.  He was coughing for about 2 hours (every 3 minutes or so).  Since I couldn't get any sleep, I decided to do a little research to find some oils that help suppress a cough.  I found that Peppermint and Thyme work. 
I diluted some Peppermint, Thyme, and Immupower in olive oil and rubbed it on his chest and back.  NOT EVEN 30 SECONDS LATER, HIS COUGH WAS GONE!  I feel like I'm exaggerating when I say this, but I'm not!!

   I am very excited to say that I found my new cough "blend".

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Placenta Encapsulation Is AWESOME!!!

I am writing this post WAY too late.....

After I gave birth to Lyla, my Doula took my placenta home with her.  She returned to my home 2-3 days later to hand me a little jar of my very own 100% personalized (with my own body) happy pills! 

I cannot express enough how AWESOME these pills were!  I received 100 capsuls.  I took 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening; only to realize that I ran out way too quickly!!  I wish I had an endless supply of my placenta.  I don't know or understand why this is not mainstream!  Why in the world would women deny such an amazing thing! 

The benefits of Placenta Encapsulation are:
  • Decrease in postpartum depression.
  • Increase in breastmilk supply.
  • Increase in energy.
  • Decrease in lochia, postpartum bleeding.
  • Decrease iron deficiency.
  • Decrease insomnia or sleep disorders.
  • Decreases postpartum "night sweats".

  • The most noticable benefit for me was my increase in energy.  However, it's hard for me to compare my two births since the first birth was a cesearean.  I didn't get any "baby blues" with my first birth.  I did however have low energy (again, this could be a result of the cesearean).  I also noticed that my uterous shrunk a lot faster with the second birth.  I don't know if this is from taking the "happy pills" or not.  

    When my Doula came to give me my "happy pills", she also gave me a print of my placenta (which I will later hang in my daughter's room).  She mentioned that when she was dehydrating my placenta, her house smelled like Clary Sage!!!  During my labor, she massaged Clary Sage onto the vitaflex points of my feet and ankles.  Clary Sage helps with dilation, so it went directly to my uterous (and placenta).  I was yet again amazed of the power of Essential Oils!


    If you'd like to purchase any of these oils, you can do so at  You'll have to create a customer account and enter my distributor number (1120251).


    Wednesday, October 17, 2012

    Taking Birth Back Women Supporting Women

    A friend of mine started a local group for women called "Cesarean & Birth Trauma Support Group".  She was my Doula for both of my children's births.  
    The first meeting was almost a month ago (I haven't posted in a while).  The emotion and support that was in that room was indescribable.  I later told her that it felt like I was in a "free" counseling session!  The birth stories that these women shared were incredible; all ending with a cesarean.
    I was the only one in the group that was "healed" by my VBAC.  I felt for these women.  I was in their shoes just 4 weeks before the meeting.  
    When it was my turn to share my Cesarean birth story, I felt like my birth was less traumatic than everyone else.  Maybe it was because I felt the healing from my VBAC birth?  Maybe it was because my birth WAS in fact less traumatic than everyone else?  These birth stories were horrific, scary, and sad.  I can't believe things like this happen, and they happen in my town!
    The next meeting is coming up next week.  I have been looking forward to this meeting all month!  I hope many women are able to join this group.  It's a safe place to talk about our fears.