Thursday, November 3, 2011

RC for Ryder's cold amazes Grandma and Grandpa

Last week, Grandma and Grandpa took Ryder for the day (instead of our babysitter) while Frank and I were at work.  Ryder had a cold and very congested.  I told Grandma to keep applying RC (a blend of a few different essential oils) every hour or so.  She was AMAZED at how quickly she saw results!  She even called Grandpa over to witness......  Every time she would apply the RC to Ryder's chest and underneith his nose and neck, his nose would start to run immediately.... within seconds!  It would begin to break up the congestion within seconds. 
This is just another experience I've had that was very noticable with the essential oils.  Ryder got over his cold within a few days with no meds. 


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