Friday, January 20, 2012

Mommy has a rash!

I have had a terrible terrible rash since just before Christmas.  It has become worse over the days.  I have been using every Essential Oil I could think of, but nothing was helping.  I finally gave up and decided to go to the dermatologist.  The Dr was helpful in telling me that I was allergic to something I was touching (allergic contact dermatitis).  She had me throw out my dish gloves (since the rash is only on the tops of my hands and inside my wrists).  She also gave me a prescription for a non-steroid cream (I dont' like to use steroids). 

Almost two weeks go by.  My rash has been progressivly getting worse every day.  It was sooooo bad this past Tuesday and Wednesday that I had to just sit back and really THINK of why this was happening.  I threw out my gloves, like the Dr told me to do.  I bought new disposable gloves, like the Dr told me to do.  Yet this rash is getting worse! 

It finally hit me......
My family was out for three weeks during the Christmas break (in their summer home).  I went to the house almost every day before and after work so my mother could babysit and spend time with Ryder.  During these three weeks, I helped out by doing dishes/cleaning the kitchen, etc.  My mother uses latex gloves....she always has, always will.  I've never had an issue with latex, so I was using her gloves to do the dishes.  This is when the rash started.  I threw out my non-latex gloves (thinking this was the problem) and purchased disposable latex gloves.  The use of latex gloves multiple times a day has turned my rash into an almost unmanageable situation. 

I just went to the Dr again this morning.  She could not believe how bad it was.  I haven't used the gloves for two days now, and the rash is disappearing slowly.  The Dr said that it should take about a week to fully go away.

I decided to share this story because I couldn't believe why the oils were not helping.  Yes, they were helping with the itching....fine.  BUT they weren't helping with the rash.  I could not understand why!!!  Now I know, it is because I was still in contact with what I was allergic to.....latex.

There will be situations where we need to sit back and think of why a specific issue is happening.  We might have to change something that we are doing/eating/drinking, etc.         

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