Thursday, January 5, 2012

Florida Vaca Update

Well, we've been back from Florida for some time now.  I feel terrible that I haven't updated until now! 

Here goes.....

The flight down was OK.  Ryder was very fussy for most of the flight.  I used Peace and Calming and Melrose Essential Oil blend on him before we took off.  He responded well to both because he wasn't crying from ear pain, just fussy.  Frank walked up and down the isle with him until he fell asleep (I have a very patient husband). 

The vacation was a blast!  A much needed rest for our family. 

The flight back was a different story.  I forgot to put the oils on him, and he was almost unmanageable.  He finally fell asleep 30 min before we landed.  When we landed, the passengers on the plane decided to clap and cheer....resulting in Ryder waking up.  He was SCREAMING in pain for about 20 minutes until we finally were able to get off of the plane.  The pressure in his ears must have been unbearable.  I felt soooo very bad for forgetting to put the oils on him before we took off.  I felt like such a bad mother.  :(

My lesson learned was to NEVER forget to put oils on Ryder again.  He responds very well to every oil, and my heart breaks when I think about the plane ride home.  :(


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